Duration: 90 minutes (60 minute exhibition tour and 30 minute workshop in the Format Werk art studio) or 120 minutes (60 minute exhibition tour and 60 minute workshop in the Format Werk art studio)






The ABCs of art

Art clearly shows that there is more than one way to present things. The exhibition pictures acquaint the pupils with different art styles such as impressionism, expressionism, cubism and surrealism. What makes the different art styles so distinctive? How do the painters transform their ideas into pictures? Games, puzzles and hands-on experiments during the tour let the children enjoy discovering the highlights of hundreds of years of art history.
In the follow-up workshop, the pupils use light, form and colour to create a work of art in their very own personal style thereby creating a new art style - a new "ism".





Educational programme in the Habsburg Staterooms


These interactive and conversational tours are geared to the ages of the participants and teach the history of the Albertina and of the people who once lived in the palace. Since the staterooms are sometimes closed due to special events, these programmes are limited. 



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