Duration: 90 minutes (60 minute exhibition tour and 30 minute workshop in the Format Werk art studio) or 120 minutes (60 minute exhibition tour and 60 minute workshop in the Format Werk art studio) 






Modern art InterRail - an art trip through Europe

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." (Augustinus)


True to this statement, the students travel through Europe with a ready-packed Albertina backpack. We travel from the French impressionists to the German expressionists, from the Russian supremacists to the cubist Picasso or the surrealist Miró in Spain collecting new impressions along the way. Austria, Switzerland and Norway are also on the route.


In the follow-up workshop, the pupils recall their travel impressions: the final artistic product is a postcard that can be sent on its own journey through Europe.



Educational programme in the Habsburg Staterooms


These interactive and conversational tours are geared to the ages of the participants and teach the history of the Albertina and of the people who once lived in the palace. Since the staterooms are sometimes closed due to special events, these programmes are limited. 



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