It takes art to make companies great. (Philipp Morris)


Accommodated in one of Europe’s most superb neoclassical palaces, the Albertina, with its innovative exhibition projects, numbers among the most important and attractive museums worldwide and is therefore an interesting partner for many business companies.


Become an Exhibition Sponsor

As a Sponsor you will substantially contribute to the realization of an exhibition of your choice by financing parts of the shipping and insurance costs for the exhibits, loan fees, and the production of publications accompanying the exhibition in question.
In return your company will receive publicity on promotional materials for the duration of the exhibition. In addition, you will benefit from numerous opportunities that will allow you to present your company and communicate its goals in a way to attract a great amount of attention. You will be invited to the exhibition’s opening and to the dinner held afterwards and will be able to entertain your guests to an exclusive preview of ‘your’ exhibition in the Albertina’s staterooms.    

Take advantage of a sponsorship tailored to the expectations of your company. We will be pleased to design an attractive sponsorship package that is based on your objectives and visions.

According to Article 18 (1) Paragraph 7 of the Federal Income Tax Act, sponsorship contributions are deductible as business or special expenses.