1. Facts about the library

The library of the Albertina is a historically accumulated collection containing specialist books on art history, particularly on the history of the art of drawing, art prints and photography. In addition, it comprises some 100 ongoing subscriptions to print media and a singular collection of historic auction catalogues and illustrated books (artists’ books). Its total holdings of more than 100,000 titles feature, besides the Albertina’s own stock, also items on loan from the National Library, situated close by. 


2. Who may use the library

The holdings of the library are available to all persons during opening hours in the Reading Room, free of charge and without prior notification. 


3. Registration

In order to be eligible to access books, journals and other media a currently valid, official photo ID needs to be deposited at the reception for the duration of your stay.


4. Conditions of use of the library

The library is a reference and magazine library, i.e., its media may not be borrowed to be taken out. The Study Hall provides important reference works and handbooks to be used free of charge. Access to the stack rooms is not granted. Availability of certain media may be ascertained by checking the research OPAC (digital library catalogue) or by placing inquiries with members of the library staff. Items found to be among the library’s holdings may then be requested for viewing by filling out an order form. In the case of particularly valuable and/or poorly preserved documents, for conservational reasons utilisation of the original may not always be possible. The library is also entitled to retain data relating to the persons utilising such objects in the collection beyond the completion of that utilisation.

Before entering the Reading Room, all coats, jackets, umbrellas, etc. must be deposited in the locker boxes designated for this purpose. Upon request, small, transparent plastic bags may be obtained at the reception desk for documents or items of personal use.

Smoking, eating, drinking and the use of cell phones are not permitted in the Reading Room of the library out of consideration for other users and in the interest of protecting the exhibits. Undue noise is to be avoided. Anyone found to be repeatedly disregarding the library’s policy, damaging exhibits or library furnishings, stealing or disturbing others, may be excluded from using the library either temporarily or permanently.

Bringing a laptop and pencils is permitted. Taking photographs from books with a digital camera (without a flash) is also condoned. 

5. Miscellaneous



The user is responsible for the safe and proper handling of the works loaned, and is liable for damages incurred or loss. It is not permissible to scribble notes, leave marks or attach stickers to the library’s exhibits. The library will charge users responsible for such damages any repair, replacing and handling expenses. If a work has been destroyed and can no longer be obtained on the market, then compensation of its value must be paid.


Photocopies of pages from books may be obtained by issuing an order in writing for such copies to be made. (The appropriate forms are available at the library.) Under normal circumstances, the order is carried out within a single working day. Copying of entire books is not possible. Books published before the year 1900 are subject to a general copy ban. The tariffs for copies can be gleaned from the tariff list, also available at the library.