The Albertina today, thanks to a private patron, engages in an active purchasing strategy.
This made it possible, for example, to acquire the oldest Austrian daguerreotype (of June, 1840), depicting Vienna’s Court Riding School and the old Burgtheater (Court Theatre).
The holdings have been increased in many directions, ranging from the beginnings of the medium to the present.
Apart from consolidating existing holdings, a particular focus of the collection lies on acquisitions of street-life and documentary photography of the 20th century, of the sort associated with names such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lisette Model, William Eggleston, William Klein, Robert Frank, Stephen Shore and Jakob Tuggener.

Picture Gallery


François Aubert
The Dead Emperor Maximilian, 1867
Heinrich Kühn
Lotte and Hans Kühn, around 1908

Lisette Model

Legs Walking, 42nd Street, New York, 1940/41

Lisette Model

Fashion Show, Hotel Pierre, New York, 1940-1946