Desk for Archduke Charles, 1822-25

Private Cabinet


Manufactured around 1822-25 by the Danhauser furniture factory for Archduke Charles, this piece represents a combination of desk models nos. 7 and 35 from the company’s production.


Joseph Danhauser

Desk for Archduke Charles, 1822-25

It is a superb example of the Danhauser furniture factory’s innovative production process based on the standardization of individual construction elements to be assembled to a great variety of different models. Thus, the company was able to offer an enormous product range (such as 153 chairs, 79 settees, 51 daybeds, 179 chandeliers, etc.).

A photograph dating from around 1900 documents that the desk formed part of the furnishings of the so-called Smokers’ Lounge installed under Archduke Frederick in 1896.