A pair of wall cabinets for Archduke Charles, 1822-25

Death Chamber of Archduke Carl


In 1896, the so-called “Bibliothèque” model no. 16, manufactured for Archduke Charles by the Danhauser furniture factory around 1822-25, was adapted to new requirements and remodelled to be used in the Spanish Apartment. The original cabinet was equipped with a base enclosing a drawer, and a new companion piece was made.


Joseph Danhauser

Wall cabinet for Archduke Charles, 1822-25

The interior of one cabinet was fitted with shelves to store linens, the other served for hanging up clothes. Having inherited the palace from his uncle, Archduke Albrecht, in 1895, Archduke Frederick had it refurbished and renovated from 1896 onwards, which also included the redecoration of its interior. This led to a reassessment of Archduke Charles’s furnishings, which had hitherto been considered unattractive because of their great simplicity.


His best pieces of furniture were publicly exhibited for the first time within the context of a large-scale exhibition in the Museum of Arts und Industry in 1896, which was responsible both for the rehabilitation of early-nineteenth century taste and the establishment of the term “Biedermeier” to designate this very style.