Paul Cezanne
Gehöft in der Normandie, um 1885-86

Monet to Picasso. The Batliner Collection


The Collection of Contemporary Art

Opening: 16 June 2011


The Albertinas´s Permanent Collection

In May 2007 Herbert Batliner transferred one of the most important European collections of international Modernism to the Albertina. The Batliner Collection constitutes the heart of the Albertina’s permanent presentation, which is completed by extraordinary works by Paul Klee from the Carl Djerassi Collection and major works from the Eva and Mathias Forberg Collection. The Albertina’s new permanent presentation is rounded off with further works from other collections handed over to the Albertina.




Claude Monet

The water lily pond, around 1917-1919 
Marc Chagall

The Kite, 1926 
Robert Delaunay

Nudes with Ibises, 1907 
Lyonel Feininger

The High Shore, 1923  
Anselm Kiefer

Merkaba, 2006 
Fernand Léger

Two Profiles, 1928  
August Macke

Yachting on Lake Tegern, c. 1910 
René Magritte

The Enchanted Spot, 1953 
Kasimir Malewitsch

Man in a suprematist Landscape, c. 1930/31 
Joan Miró

Painting (Birds and Insects), 1938 
Edvard Munch

Winter Landscape, 1915 
Claude Monet

View of Vétheuil, 1881  
Emil Nolde

Moonlit Night, 1914  
Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Portrait of a young girl (Elisabeth Maître), 1879 
Gerhard Richter

Abstraktes Bild, 2001 
Gerhard Richter

Portrait of Heidi Kuhn, 1968 
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Still Life with Yellow Tulips, 1912  
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

White Horse "Gazelle", 1881