In the new DO & CO Albertina, selected classics of Viennese cuisine and international delicacies harmonically meld into a culinary work of art. You can choose between the restaurant and the spacious bar, where you can also take a break to enjoy a cup of coffee in elegant ambience.

In the summer season, one of the most beautiful terraces in Vienna - with an unforgettable view of the State Opera and the palace rooftops - provides an exclusive setting for a light lunch or relaxing dinner.

The DO & CO Albertina is an ideal place to relax after visiting the exhibitions - or for business meetings that last into the night.

Meals served all day, warm and cold snacks from 3 pm to 6 pm, cocktails.

We recommend that you make a reservation.

Contact and reservation:

DO & CO Albertina
T +43 (0)1 532 96 69
F +43 (0)1 532 96 69-500

Ceiling installation at Do & Co Albertina


Schattengewächs, 2014

Marianne Lang’s works deal with space and undertake gentle interventions in pre-existing architecture. The artist interweaves various spatial structures—interior and exterior, private and public—in a way that shifts one’s attention to their characteristics.
For her installation on the ceiling of the restaurant run by Do & Co, Lang made reference to the climbing plants that are frequently used to add greenery to building facades. Doing so tends to dissolve a building’s previously visible features, replacing the architecture with living material. In her work Schattengewächs [Shade Plant], Lang transferred such a manifestation of rank growth to the restaurant’s interior, using linocut tools to scrape the contours and shadings of these climbing plants into the plaster that covers the ceiling. In a way akin to how plants’ aerial rootlets penetrate wall’s outer layers, the artist broke through the ceiling’s surface to reveal the painted layers beneath.

The Albertina

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