Von links: Peter Petritsch, Inhaber des Wiener Riesenrad, Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Direktor der Albertina und Dagmar Schratter, Direktorin des Tiergarten Schönbrunn

The Vienna Zoo in Schönbrunn, the Giant Ferris Wheel in the Prater, and the Albertina: all with one ticket that saves you 25 percent

There is a new offer for both visitors and locals since November 11, 2010. A single ticket grants access to three of Vienna’s top tourist highlights: the Albertina, the Vienna Zoo in Schönbrunn, and the Giant Ferris Wheel in the city’s Prater. It can be purchased at the participating institutions and, available for 24 euros, is 25 per cent cheaper than the separate tickets.

“We thought it would be a great idea to bundle three highlights which offer completely different experiences and provide both individual travelers and families with a varied program to be purchased with a single ticket,” says Dagmar Schratter, Director of the Vienna Zoo in Schönbrunn, about the initiative. The offer’s attraction is its variety: the combination of enjoying art in the Albertina, the unique view across the city from the Giant Ferris Wheel, and the encounter with nature and animals in the world’s oldest zoo is something hitherto unheard of. It comprises all ingredients to make a stay in Vienna, as short as it may be, multifarious and entertaining.

Peter Petrisch, the proprietor of Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel, explains why the offer had to comprise a journey with the “Riesenrad” by all means: “A journey with the Giant Ferris Wheel is a special experience for both local visitors and tourists. It is such a great opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary view and see Vienna with entirely different eyes.”

His partners also have a lot to offer in the fall/winter season of 2010/2011. The baby elephant bull in the Vienna Zoo makes hearts leap for joy: curious Tuluba has begun to discover the world and romps around the elephant park. And the Panda baby has definitely created a furore.

Two exhibitions of superlatives are on display at the Albertina. Both the Picasso and the Michelangelo show are a must for everybody interested in the arts. “This is the only chance to encounter two giants of art history in one museum,” remarks Klaus Albrecht Schröder concerning the Albertina’s current program.


€ 24.00 for adults

€ 7.00 for children


The Vienna Highlights Ticket is available at the three institutions’ cash desks.
The ticket offers a 25 percent reduction as compared to the regular fees.