General Terms and Conditions of the Museum

(August 12th, 2008)


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1010 Vienna, Austria

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Commercial register no.: FN 193651g / Vienna Commercial Court

Your visit and/or ticket purchase confirms your acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of the Albertina museum.



The general terms and conditions of the Albertina museum regulate the legal relationships between visitors on the one hand and the Albertina on the other hand. If an entry ticket is passed on to other persons, the preceding ticket purchaser is responsible for informing said persons that the Albertina terms and conditions apply to all other visitors. The general terms and conditions are an integral part of all contracts between visitors on the one hand and the Albertina on the other hand.


Ticket prices

The prices in the currently valid Albertina price lists apply. The prices stated in the price lists include the respective statutory VAT. The Albertina reserves the right in individual cases (especially in the case of special exhibitions), to set prices that deviate from the price lists; these will be printed on the tickets.
Reduced tickets can only be purchased by individual interested parties who belong to one of the respective beneficiary groups. Beneficiary groups include pupils, students, families, groups as of a specified number of persons, Ö1 club members, senior citizens, Wien card members, parents on maternity/paternity leave, military/national service personnel and unemployed persons. There is no legal claim to reduced tickets. Only one ticket will be issued per interested party. Reduced cards are not valid without a picture ID of the beneficiary. The so-called "international student ID" is not sufficient to receive a student reduction without a current written confirmation of enrolment. If a ticket is inappropriately used, the differential amount can be levied or the visitor can be refused entrance to the museum. The purchase price of the ticket in the latter case will not be even partially refunded.


Purchasing tickets

The Albertina always tries to offer all interested parties the best possible service when purchasing tickets. However, an interested party does not have a legal claim to purchase or reserve one or more tickets to exhibitions or other Albertina events.
Tickets for Albertina exhibitions are available at all ticket desks during the respective opening hours. The Albertina reserves the right to refuse to sell tickets, for a certain period of time, or in severe cases, permanently, to interested parties who disturb ordered ticket sales or other interested parties or visitors or who counteract the respective house rules or instructions of the ticket desk staff.
The Albertina reserves the right to limit each interested party to two tickets on the first advance sale day, whereby this regulation can be changed in individual cases at the ticket desk staff's discretion for exhibitions or guided tours that are not in high demand. Tickets are to be paid strictly in cash, with ATM cards or by credit card (Visa, Master Card/Eurocard, Diners Club). The Albertina reserves the right to set a minimum amount for acceptance of credit card payments.


Ticket redemption or compensation

It is not possible to redeem or exchange paid tickets. Lost tickets or tickets that were not used or were only partially used cannot be replaced; this especially holds in the case of "late-comers". The latter include those who arrive just before the museum closes or those who cannot be permitted entry due to heavy visitor traffic or due to congestion in the exhibition or the museum as a whole, especially if this leads to certain rooms being closed at short notice. Persons who do not arrive later than 90 minutes before the museum or respective exhibition closes are guaranteed entry; otherwise the entry ticket will be redeemed.


Cancellation of or changes to exhibitions, guided tours or other special events

If an exhibition or other special event, whose title appears on the entry ticket or which was advertised in any other manner or where entry tickets were purchased solely to visit this exhibition/event, is substituted by another, postponed or cancelled, then the already purchased and unused Albertina entry ticket will not be redeemed. Entry tickets entitle the holder to visit Albertina exhibition rooms that are open at the time of the visit irrespective of any advertised exhibitions, guided tours or other special events.
Even limited viewing due to temporary closing of the Habsburg Staterooms for conservation reasons in the case of continuous rain or snow do not constitute a valid reason for redeeming entry tickets. The Albertina reserves the right to close due to weather conditions.
Any postponements or cancellations of guided tours or events do not entitle the purchaser to redeem purchased tickets. Postponements of guided tours of more than 2 hours entitle the tour fee to be refunded. The visitor is responsible for obtaining information about any changes on the day of the guided tour or event by checking the daily newspaper or telephoning the Albertina.


Damage claims

Irrespective of the legal basis, customer damage claims, especially due to the impossibility of providing services, are excluded as long as they are not the result of intent or gross negligence on the part of the Albertina. This restriction does not apply to damages to persons or to the handling of property that was handed over or to damages according to the Product Liability Act.



Hawking or selling of entry tickets for Albertina exhibitions by private persons is forbidden within the museum buildings. Visitors are subject to currently valid house rules as soon as they enter the Albertina premises. The valid entry ticket is to be presented to museum service personnel when requested. Violations of the Albertina house rules can lead to the visitor being asked to leave the exhibition or guided tour. In this case, the sales prices will not be refunded.
Austrian law applies. For companies and consumers whose place of residence or usual abode is outside Austria or who are not employed within Austria, the 1010 Vienna registered court is agreed to be the registered court for all legal disputes in connection with this agreement even as far as its realisation or termination.
We reserve the right to change or adapt the general terms and conditions as necessary, whereby the respective changes only apply to future contract agreements.

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