7 December 2005 - 19 March 2006
Egon Schiele
Nude Self Portrait, 1916

With more than 200 works of the Austrian Expressionist painter Egon Schiele, the Albertina is staging the most comprehensive exhibition of this significant Austrian artist shown since 1948. One hundred and thirty works from the Albertina’s own holdings are complemented with 90 important works on loan from around the world.


The exhibition permits a clear tracing of Schiele’s stylistic development. It also brings together again groups of works that have long since been scattered in every corner of the world but were once created in a single setting. In this way, it becomes possible to discern Schiele’s almost cinematic mode of procedure. Schiele, as a "lightning draftsman", captures his model from various vantage points, so that, for example, the stages of the act of seduction and undressing appear to be unravelling right before the eye of the beholder.

Schiele, in his body of work, processes, among other things, the decorative use of flat surfaces and flowing ornamental lines of the style of the Vienna Secession, developing from them a highly individualistic form of Expressionism characteristic of no one but himself. A particular rank in his oeuvre must be accorded, for this reason, to his self-portraits.