18 January 2007 - 24 April 2007
Georg Baselitz
Oberon (Remix), 2005

The exhibition features 28 paintings and some 60 works on paper (pen and ink drawings and watercolours) comprising the production from the years 2005 and 2006 of German artist Georg Baselitz. The major part of the works displayed derives, thanks to a permanent loan from the Rheingold Collection, from the Albertina’s own holdings. Themes covered include a painterly reflection on earlier programmatic works such "Die große Nacht im Eimer" ["The Great Night in the Bucket"], "Helden" ["Heroes"] and "Neue Typen" ["New Types of People"] as well as the anachronistic dialogue between the new remix series and its formal variations in ink and watercolour. In terms of colour and painterly effect the new pictures convey the impression that Baselitz has developed a somewhat distanced relationship towards many of his themes. The concept of a painterly "remix" is to be seen, in this context, as belonging to the tradition of the pictorial series of a Monet or Munch, who strove to explore a theme through minimal changes in the choice of colour, perspective or painterly expression, taking it, step by step, through all its nuances.