22 June 2011 - 13 November 2011
Gerhard Richter
Portrait of Heidi Kuhn, 1968

This exhibition will present the latest accessions of the Albertina in the area of Contemporary Art.  These will stand in contrast to a selection of important artwork after 1970 from the already existing collections. This will allow the visitor to gain insight into the manifold and extensive holdings of the  collection.


The Permanent Collection at the Albertina...










Anselm Kiefer

The Tree of Jesse, 2008 
Marlene Dumas

Male Beauty, 2002 
Kenton Nelson

Observance, 2007 
Kenton Nelson

Riveted, 2008 
Elke Krystufek

I like drawing ..., 1995 
Michaela Spiegel

Aus dem Mädi-Zynischen Nachschlagwerk: Grundlagen der Eherechte, 2003 
Adriana Czernin

Untitled, 2004 
Maria Lassnig

The Weasel and the Dull-Witted Human, 1996 
Ulrike Lienbacher

Untitled, 2007 
Herwig Kempinger

Untitled (Delugan Meissl Housing Construction, Vienna), 2002-2004 
Herwig Kempinger

Untitled, 2002-2004 
Markus Muntean and Adi Rosenblum

Untitled (Focus on the future); 2010 
Markus Muntean und Adi Rosenblum

Untitled (To begin again and again), 2010 
Raymond Pettibon

No Title (With the pronouncement), 2003 
Raymond Pettibon

Title ("Save." I made), 2006 
Georg Baselitz

B. for Larry (Remix), 2006 
Damien Hirst

Gorgeous Concentric Sunny Lipstick Berry Painting, 2002 
Damien Hirst

Gorgeous Concentric Sunny Yellow Line Painting, 2002