21 October 2011 - 26 February 2012
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
White Horse "Gazelle", 1881

Under the title “Monet to Picasso”, the Albertina exhibits its vast holdings of paintings from the period of Modernism, which are primarily made up of works from the Batliner Collection. The epochs covered by this reinstallation of the museum’s permanent collection range from Impressionism and Fauvism to German Expressionism, the Bauhaus, and the Russian avant-garde; the presentation concludes with works by Picasso.


Reopening: 14 March 2012


The Permanent Collection at the Albertina... 











Picture Gallery


Amedeo Modigliani

Young Woman in a Shirt, 1918 
Pablo Picasso

Woman in a green hat, 1947 
Marc Chagall

The Kite, 1926 
Paul Cezanne

Gehöft in der Normandie, um 1885-86