4 June 2009 - 14 June 2009

It was under the motto Discover the Picasso in You that the Albertina invited children between 6 and 12 years of age to participate in its Master Classes in 2007, thus launching an art project that has been growing steadily and with great success since then.


For the first time in the history of the Albertina, the young masters will now be offered an opportunity to present their small and large works to a wider public in the museum itself.

The exhibition will show a selection of 150 of the best works produced in the Albertina Master Classes in the last two years.


This first presentation offers a survey as manifold as the range of tasks tackled in the several-week courses: the young artists could test themselves on a variety of subjects spanning from the effect of colors, the representation of space, three-dimensional works, collages, pottery, photography, issues of style, motion studies, action painting, figure studies, overpaintings, and watercolors to music and painting, acrylics, still lifes, drawing, printing, and gold-plating.

Admission will be free for children and young persons under 19 years of age.

A making-of comic strip will show the preparation of the exhibition, in which the young artists will be intensely involved.




Making-of comic strip 1 
"Making of..." - Comicstrip 2 
"Making of..." - Comicstrip 2 
Making-of comic strip 4 
Making-of comic strip 5 
Making-of comic strip 6 
Making-of comic strip 7 
Making-of comic strip 8 
Making-of comic strip 9 
Making-of comic strip 10 
Making-of comic strip 11 
Making-of comic strip 12 
Making-of comic strip 13 
Making-of comic strip 14 
Hannah Wagner-Löffler

8 years 
Gemma Vanuzzi

10 years 
Nikolaus Spartalis

5 years 
Antonia Bobik

8 years 
Catherine Eberhart

11 years