30 November 2011 - 15 January 2012
Hans Bellmer
Céphalopode double, 1965

At the end of the year the Albertina will be fully devoted to Surrealism: In parallel to the Magritte exhibition the Kaplan Collection will be presented, uniting outstanding Graphic Art by the Surrealists Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and many more important exponents of this art movement. These artists share a common devotion to the unreal and the fantastic. The Graphic Art presented in this exhibition will impressively illustrate how close the real and the unreal lie together in Surrealistic Art and will tempt the viewer to let his imagination  run free.








Victor Brauner

Révulsion de la fin dans le commencement des mutations inconnues, 1962 
Salvador Dalí

Frontispiz für André Breton und Paul Éluard, L'immaculée Conception, 1930 
Salvador Dalí

Fantastic Beach Scene, 1935 
Salvador Dalí

Untitled (from "Les Chants de Maldoror"), 1934 
Giorgio de Chirico

Ricordo d'autunno, 1969 
Marcel Duchamp

L.H.O.O.Q., 1964 
Max Ernst

Pays sage I, 1923 
René Magritte

Les Bijoux indiscrets, 1963 
Man Ray

Long Distance (aus Revolving Doors), 1926 
Joan Miró

Ohne Titel (aus Cahiers d'art), 1934 
Joan Miró

Série noire et rouge, 1938 
Pablo Picasso

Modèle et sculpture surréaliste, 1933 
Yves Tanguy

Ohne Titel (aus Jean Laude, Le grand Passage), 1953