My Generation.
The Jablonka Collection

From 2 October 2020

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For the first time, Rafael Jablonka is appearing at the Albertina Museum to provide insights into his contemporary art collection, one of the most distinctive collections of American and German art from the 1980s, which he turned over to the ALBERTINA Museum in July 2019. Jablonka spent decades collecting with a consistent eye to acquiring more and more works from the various creative phases of the artists on whom he had chosen to focus.

In this showing, Jablonka—a German art dealer, gallerist, and curator who was born in 1952—devotes himself above all to artists of his own generation. The selected works provide a representative look into these artists’ respective oeuvres in keeping with a one-artist-per-room concept.

The museum is using two levels to show around 120 works including paintings, sculptures, works on paper, woodcuts, and architectural models, thus enabling visitors to experience all of the Jablonka Collection’s broad diversity.

Featured artists:

Miquel Barceló | Ross Bleckner | Richard Deacon | Eric Fischl | Damien Hirst | Roni Horn | Mike Kelley | Sherrie Levine | Cady Noland | Thomas Schütte | Andreas Slominski | Philip Taaffe | Terry Winters

On view from 2 October 2020 until 31 January 2021.

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