High School | Writing Workshop

For students ages 14 and up

The focus of our writing workshops is on art-inspired creative writing. The participating school students do their writing while at the exhibition itself in response to the impulses that they encounter, and they also get a chance to present their texts right on the spot.

Central emphases here are free-form, creative writing inspired by the pictures we see, our own personal reactions to them, and transferal of what they say to us into creative texts.

In doing so, we use language in playful ways, try out various types of texts, experiment with different narrative perspectives (including first-person and third-person), stage the characters we find in the pictures, and flex our fantastical and imaginative muscles. The experience of empathizing with various (human and non-human) characters enables us to take up new perspectives situated beyond our own standpoints as viewers. We also give these characters their own voices in our texts, having them speak as part of narratives, dialogues, monologues, or poems.

We’ll be happy to adapt this workshop to the requirements of your teaching and/or special requests. This can entail realizing specific text types such as inner monologs and (staged) dialogs, lyrical forms such as the haiku, the sonnet, or free verse, and narrative forms such as vignettes and short stories. Use of stylistic devices like rhythmization as well as exploring the sonic qualities of language can also play a role both in these texts’ composition and in their presentation.

These programs normally run in connection with the exhibition Monet to Picasso but can also be realized in connection with all other ALBERTINA Museum exhibitions.


Basic prerequisites:

Good knowledge of grammar and sentence structure; experience with creative writing and literature; an ability to distinguish between fiction and non-fiction genres; knowledge of important literary categories and genres (e.g., poetry, inner monologue, dialogue, short story); basic familiarity with text composition, characters, and types of narration (e.g., first-person narrator vs. omniscient narrator); the ability to take up fictitious narrative perspectives and to develop and stage fictitious characters; interest in literature, storytelling, and creative and playful use of language; experience as a reader.

Our workshops last 90 minutes, and we work in small groups.



Per participant | EUR 5

Inquiries & Contact

ALBERTINA Art Education
on working days between 9 am and 4 pm under T +43 1 534 83 540 or E

After reserving a date please send us a list of your children's first names: Download Name List

Albertina Schreibwerkstatt | Foto © Rainer Mirau
Albertina Schreibwerkstatt | Foto © Rainer Mirau
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