Nursery & Preschool | On Your Marks, Get Set, Paint!

3–6 years of age

Red for love and blue for winter: this visit to the exhibition is all about colors and shapes. What colors do you know and what feelings do they provoke? What objects are they used for? We also examine shapes more closely and keep our eyes out for triangles, squares, circles, and all kinds of fantastical forms. What kinds of things do the artists use them to express?

In the studio, participants create a picture employing colors both warm and cool.


The exhibition Masterpieces of Modernist Art presents the ALBERTINA Museum’s extensive holdings of classical modernist paintings and provides an outstanding overview of all the “-isms” to be found in 20th-century art history.

This freshly redone public presentation of the permanent collection runs from Impressionism and Fauvism to German Expressionism and Bauhaus and on to the Russian avant-garde and Picasso.


90 minutes
(60 min tour of the exhibition and 30 min workshop at the Formatwerk studio)



There is no entrance fee for children.
Fee for the guided tour per participant of the group EUR 4.

Min. amount of participants: 13 children
If your group consists of more than 16 children, we will split up the group.

Teachers and attendants (max. of 2 per class/group) visit the exhibition for free and are responsible for the group throughout the museum visit.


Inquiries & Contact

ALBERTINA Art Education
on working days between 9 am and 4 pm under T +43 1 534 83 540 or E


After reserving a date please send us a list of your children's first names: Download Name List

In the exhibition Monet to Picasso | Photo © Rainer Mirau
In the exhibition Monet to Picasso | Photo © Rainer Mirau