Nursery | Semester Project



For children ages 3 to 6


The semester project “Off to the Museum” familiarizes children with the rich world of painting in a playful way. In three group visits to the ALBERTINA Museum, the participating children will get to know masterpieces by Claude Monet, Marc Chagall, and Pablo Picasso. We’ll look at and identify colors and figure out the names of the various shapes. The kids will also hear the stories behind the pictures as well as develop their own stories for them. In this way, our youngest museum visitors will learn step by step to associate these artworks with their own real-life experiences and perspectives. With three ALBERTINA Museum visits under their belt, being at a museum will feel just as natural to these kids as does being at home. They’ll be able to find their own way through the exhibitions and will be delighted to recognize their favorite pictures. They’ll also be able to find words to express their appreciation, feelings, and newly acquired knowledge, and they’ll be very proud of what they’ve learned! This project concludes with a fourth session that features a final presentation together with and for their parents. Here, the kids get to be the experts: they’re now the ones who show the grown-ups ways into new worlds!

Ideally, all three ALBERTINA Museum visits are scheduled within the same semester. Each visit lasts a total of 90 minutes and includes a 30-minute workshop. The kids may consume packed snacks at the museum. The final presentation lasts ca. 1 hour.

EUR 5 per child per visit. Per group, 2 teachers may come along for free. Parents attend the final presentation for free.

Visits can be scheduled on weekdays starting from 8 a.m., at every full hour or on the half hour. All appointments and organizational details are agreed upon between group leaders and the ALBERTINA Art Education Department. Final presentations are scheduled during the late afternoon so that working parents can participate.

Our nursery and school programs are also offered in languages such as English, Italian, French, and Spanish (as well as others upon request).

Contact, information, & booking:
ALBERTINA Art Education | Tel 01-534 83 Ext. 543 |


Marc Chagall | Der Papierdrachen, 1926 | ALBERTINA, Wien - Sammlung Batliner | © Bildrecht, Wien 2023
Marc Chagall | Der Papierdrachen, 1926 | ALBERTINA, Wien - Sammlung Batliner | © Bildrecht, Wien 2023
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