High School | Monet to Picasso

14–18 years

The exhibition Monet to Picasso presents the ALBERTINA Museum's extensive holdings of classical modernist paintings and provides an outstanding overview of all the “-isms” to be found in 20th-century art history. This freshly redone public presentation of the permanent collection runs from Impressionism and Fauvism to German Expressionism and Bauhaus and on to the Russian avant-garde and Picasso.


Overview of Modern Art

This highlight tour features the most important artistic movements and the most outstanding artists of the 20th century.

The "Isms"
as seen in select landscapes/still-lifes/portraits

During this tour of the exhibition, we focus on one of the painting genres mentioned above. Through analysis and comparison, participants figure out the salient characteristics of the most important styles in modern art. In considering individual works, the limitation to one pictorial theme helps us zero in on the differences between the individual styles and relate them to their respective art-historical contexts. Participants are given a handout showing the most important styles and artists of the modern period as a chronological sequence.

The studio work depends on the genre selected for the tour:
Landscape: In the half-hour workshop, participants create a composed landscape in one of the styles seen in the tour. Two landscapes in differing styles are created during the 60-minute studio session.
Portrait: A monotype self-portrait is created in the 30-minute workshop. If the 60-minute workshop has been selected, participants go on to reproduce their self-portraits and develop them further in various styles.
Still-life: Participants arrange their still-lifes from a selection of objects. During the 30-minute workshop, this selection is sketched using pencil and paper. If an hour is available, they also experiment with other techniques.


  • 90 minutes
    (60 min tour of the exhibition and 30 min workshop in the Formatwerk studio)
  • 120 minutes
    (60 min tour of the exhibition and 60 min workshop in the  Formatwerk studio)



There is no entrance fee for children.
Fee for the guided tour per participant of the group:

60 minutes program


90 minutes program


120 minutes program


Minimum number: 13 children
School classes over 25 students are divided.
We ask all participants to wear a mouth and nose protection during the entire visit.

Teachers and attendants (max. of 2 per class/group) visit the exhibition for free and are responsible for the group throughout the museum visit.


Inquiries & Contact

ALBERTINA Art Education
on working days between 9 am and 4 pm under T +43 1 534 83 540 or E


Emil Nolde | Moonlit Night, 1914 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection © Nolde Stiftung Seebüll
Emil Nolde | Moonlit Night, 1914 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection © Nolde Stiftung Seebüll