Enjoy your Sunday as he does.🌞⁣
Just relax and sit in the sun! And if you wanna experience this fantastic photo by #ManfredWillmann in reality, pass by! The exhibition #AlbertinaWillmann is part of the festival @foto_wien. 😯🙆⁣
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Manfred Willmann | Volkmarweg 36 | Part 1 from the series BLACK AND GOLD | 1979–1981 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna | © Manfred Willmann⁣
You can find a few of these wall exposures by @birgitgraschopf at the ALBERTINA museum. 👀 They were created in 2014 as part of a series of contemporary interventions . At irregular intervals, our curator @elsylahner invited artists to respond to the venue of the palace, the museum, and the Habsburg staterooms. People still love interacting with them as @likuunea did. Great shot by the way! 👌📸⁣
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Happy #RegramFriday everyone! Do you like Gottfried Helnwein's Pink Mouse 2 as much as we do? @vladimira_balazova definitely does. What a great shot. 📸❤️ Thanks for tagging us. 🙏⁣
Have a nice start into the weekend! Enjoy the time with your beloved ones.⁣
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Augmented reality at the ALBERTINA museum! 👀⁣
Did you know that you can bring some masterpieces in #MonetToPicasso to life with your smartphone? 😯⁣
Just download the @artiviveapp, visit the exhibition and search for the little A next to the artworks. You will definitely be surprised.⁣
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The fantastic Turkish artist #BurhanDogancay would have turned 90 this year. 😯 His work grew out of his fascination with urban walls. In memory of this great painter, this masterpiece is currently on view at our exhibition WARHOL TO RICHTER | #AlbertinaContemporary. It's totally worth a visit. Stop by! 🙆⁣
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Burhan Dogancy | Wall 70 (Five) | 1970 | Albertina, Wien
We love taking Instagram photos at our exhibition WARHOL TO RICHTER | #AlbertinaContemporary. 📸 All those masterpieces are perfect motifs. On this photo: #MarkusPrachensky's RED ON WHITE - LOS ANGELES I, and of course #GottfriedHelnwein's PINK MOUSE 2. ❤️🐭 Have you been there already? Don't forget tagging us!⁣
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Happy sunny Sunday everyone! 🌞🙌⁣
No plans for this beautiful day? What about strolling around in the first district followed by a visit at the #AlbertinaMuseum? We can recommend the exhibitions #RubensToMakart, #AlbertinaContemporary, #AlbertinaWillmann, #RudolfVonAltAndHisTimes and of course #MonetToPicasso. 😍⁣
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Look at this little one! 😍 How cute he is, right? ⁣Sometimes our exhibition #RudolfVonAltAndHisTimes reminds us a lot of Instagram just 300 years back in time - full of baby pictures and interior drawings. If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely stop by. There's so much to discover. ⁣👀⁣
Peter Fendi | Prince Johann II as a toddler in the playpen | 1841 | LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections, Vaduz–Vienna⁣
Ready for the weekend? We totally are! 🙌 Today we have this perfect shot by @churretes for you. It was taken at our current exhibition WARHOL TO RICHTER | #AlbertinaContemporary. Don't miss this show, it's full of contemporary masterpieces. 😯🙆⁣
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Manfred Willmann is one of Austria's most well known photographers. 👀📸 His work often shows details from everyday situations and from his personal surroundings in Graz and southern Styria. Fantastic, how he focuses on inconspicuous details, isn't it? We are hungry right now, what about you? 😋⁣
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Manfred Willmann | Ohne Titel | aus der Serie „2018/2017“, 2017/18 | © Manfred Willmann ⁣
Oh, what a fantastic shot 😍! How beautiful the ALBERTINA looks from this perspective. Thanks @wearesotiny! 🙏⁣
What do you guys think? Where has this photo been taken from? We're looking forward to hear your guesses! ⁣
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