Welcome to our beautiful Hall of the Muses! 😄🙆.
This magnificent room was in those days the center of the #AlbertinaStateRooms. It served as a dining room and venue for the ducale family, with glamorous soirees and balls. 💃🕺✨
Did you know, that it has its name from the statues
Animals are a main motif in the artworks of the Georgian national artist #NikoPirosmani. Have a nice Sunday and enjoy it with your family like those boars are doing it. 💞 This artwork is currently on display at #albertinapirosmani . If you wanna see it in real life, just pass by! 🐗🐖🐖.
#AlbertinaMuseum #Albertina #albertinapirosmani
Niko Pirosmani | White Sow with Piglets | The Albertina Museum, Vienna © @infinitartfoundation .
👉 The Street as a stage in Helen Levitt's photos. 👀 Graffiti drawings, adults sitting on stoops, and playing children rank among the central motifs of this amazing photographer. She presented especially the children as theatrical spectacle by showing the young protagonists appropriating urban space in individual ways. This is only one of many examples in our exhibition #AlbertinaLevitt. 💕😮.
#HelenLevitt #Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum
Helen Levitt | New York | 1940 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. Permanent loan of the Austrian Ludwig Foundation for Art
and Science © Film Documents LLC/Courtesy Thomas Zander Gallery, Cologne
Happy #RegramFriday everyone! 🎊Thanks for that fantastic photo: @liamjaponte! 🙏
Enjoy your weekend, but be aware it's getting very cold in Vienna. Perfect museum weather! Waiting for you inside: #AlbertinaMonet, #MunchChagallPicasso, #AlbertinaPirosmani, #AlbertinaLevitt, #AlbertinaContemporary, #AlbertinaStateRooms .
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This amazing sculpture by @erwinwurm is now on display at #AlbertinaContemporary. The whole exhibition ERWIN WURM. PEACE&PLENTY opens next Tuesday, 20 November. Pass by if you're in Vienna!.
#AlbertinaWurm #ErwinWurm #AlbertinaMuseum #Albertina
Erwin Wurm | Adorno als Oliver Hardy in
Happy birthday, Claude Monet! 🎉🎊🎈🍰.
#OnThisDay, 178 years ago, the great artist and founder of impressionism Claude Monet was born. In his lifetime, unique masterpieces have been created, that are still full of an incredible energy. We are so happy to show these masterpieces at our exhibition #AlbertinaMonet.
#ClaudeMonet #HappybirthdayClaudeMonet #Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum
Claude Monet | Train Engine in the Snow | 1875 | Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris © Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris / Bridgeman Images
Our Instagram Challenge #MyMonetMoment is over ☹. Thank you all for your contribution, we are overwhelmed by all your fantastic photos. 👏👏 Those are our last winners. Congratulations to @kerstinreiger, @girlinalightbulb,, @neuwirthbirgit, @epphotography2016 and @georgherder ! 👏👏👏 You can find the #MyMonetMoment wall on your way to the exhibition #AlbertinaMonet. Just pass by and have a look. .Of course you can still use the hashtag! We love your photos ❤📷! .
👉 By the way, the next challenge comes in January.
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Detail from Walter Schmögner's FIVE BLADDERS. 😲😍You can see his amazing sculptures in #AlbertinaContemporary! Don't miss this.,
#Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum #WalterSchmögner
Preview! ☝👀We're opening the exhibition ERWIN WURM. PEACE & PLENTY on 20 November. You're gonna see approximately 300 works on paper of this extraordinary Austrian artist. 👉 Link in bio!
Erwin Wurm | Asthma with Head | 2017, 2018 | © Studio Erwin Wurm
#ErwinWurm #AlbertinaWurm #Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum
Do you feel the energy that comes from all those fantastic #ClaudeMonet artworks? You should come by and see those in real life. It's overwhelming. 😲💛💙.
#AlbertinaMonet #MyMonetMoment #ClaudeMonet
Yeah, it's #RegramFriday and Archduke Albrecht is waiting for you under a beautiful autumn sky 😍 Thanks @luigimariadevecchis for this amazing photo! 😲.
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Small insight into #AlbertinaLevitt. 👀Helen Levitt was a revolutionary in her color photographs. As early as 1959, she began working in color as a means of artistic expression, thus numbering among the earliest representatives of New Color Photography. 📸❤💛💙💚
Have you seen this fantastic street photography exhibition already? .
#Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum #StreetPhotography #HelenLevitt
Photo: Robert Bodnar