Oh wow, what an amazing artwork by Guiseppe Arcimboldo, isn't It? 👀😯 If you're close enough you can discover so many details. Every single creature is just perfect. Sometimes you wonder how someone could get such an idea, don't you?
By the way, tonight is social conference so be aware of the hashtags #RubensToMakart and #AlbertinaMuseum. You will learn a lot about this exhibition from all the bloggers and influencers.
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#GiuseppeArcimboldo | Terra (Earth) | ca. 1570| © Liechtenstein. The Princely Collections, Vaduz-Vienna
Mirror selfie time! 🙆🤳 Of course this masterpiece by #PeterPaulRubens isn't a selfie in its original sense, but you can also interpret this Venus representation in a similar way. For this reason we started a new #InstagramChallenge: #AlbertinaSelfie ! Tag your selfie at the #AlbertinaMuseum (no matter which exhibition) and win an exclusive guided tour through #RubensToMakart with your friends followed by an champagne reception in our #AlbertinaStateRooms.
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Peter Paul Rubens | Venus in Front of the Mirror | ca. 1614/15 | © Liechtenstein. The Princely Collections, Vaduz-Vienna
Sundays are for museums! 🙆 And our new exhibition #RubensToMakart is definitely worth a visit. There are so many masterpieces, you can't even decide where to look first. 👀 So, just pass by and experience art history to it's fullest!
📸Photo: @eselat
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Skeptical looks at the tax collector from two sides... 👀😅 Hopefully he doesn't collect too much money! 😜 This masterpiece by Quentin Massys der Ältere is on view at our new exhibition #RubensToMakart. Just pass by this weekend, it's overwhelming!
Photo: @eselat
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Happy #RegramFriday everyone! 🙆🎉
Fantastic shot @olya.insideart! Those two masterpieces are on view at our #AlbertinaStateRooms right now but only as facsimiles. The original works can be seen only once in a decade due to their photosensitivity. However, in autumn they will be shown in the exhibition #AlbertinaDürer. So be aware!
For this weekend note that we are opening #RubensToMakart tonight! Just pass by, admission free!
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❤️ Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 💐 No matter if you are single or in a relationship, we have the perfect program for you, your friends or your sweethearts today: Love Couples at the Albertina Museum - this is the theme of our special guided tour on this special day. Selected masterpieces of the exhibition #MonetToPicasso show that the topic of love and the portrayal of lovers have always been an important issues to artists.
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#HenriMatisse | Parrot tulips | 1905 | © Bildrecht, Vienna 2019 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection
Marc Aurel has been put in the right light already! ❤️
So just two more days until our big spring exhibition #RubensBisMakart - LIECHTENSTEIN. THE PRINCELY COLLECTIONS opens! There you can find this sculpture among many other masterpieces of art history. Just pass by! 😄
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Pier Jacopo Alari-Bonacolsi gen. Antico | Bust of Marcus Aurelius | ca. 1500 | LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections, Vaduz–Vienna
We ❤️ Alexej von Jawlensky's YOUNG GIRL WITH A FLOWERED HAT! 🌹🌸👩 Interesting fact: The portrayed model was called Choco. The girl owed his nickname to a preference for hot chocolate that she used to ask before the sessions in Jawlensky's cold studio. Cute, right? If you wanna experience this girl in reality, it's currently on view at #MonetToPicasso!
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#AlexejvonJawlensky | Young Girl with a Flowered Hat | 1910 | © The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection
❤️ Happy Monday and welcome to the ALBERTINA! ❤️What's going on this week? #AlbertinaWillmann and #MonetToPicasso are waiting for you. WARHOL TO RICHTER | #AlbertinaContemporary is closed until Wednesday. Thursday is Valentine's Day. We're offering a special guided tour through Monet To Picasso for you and and your sweetheart. Our big exhibition #RubensToMakart - Liechtenstein. The Princely Collections opens this Friday. Seems to become a busy week, right? If you happen to be in Vienna, just pass by! .
Photo: @mario_kies
May we present one of our most important former inhabitants: Marie Christine 👸, Maria Theresia's daughter, who was married to Albert of Saxony-Teschen. Emperor Franz II donated the palace of today's Albertina to her husband, who had to flee from Brussels as governor of the Austrian Netherlands. The couple then lived in our #AlbertinaStateRooms all their life. Through his appointment as governor, Albert had come to immense wealth and invested the largest part in the graphic collection, which was housed in the palais from 1805. With about 1 million graphics, this one is the largest collection in the world today! 😍
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This artwork by Pablo Picasso has a special history: TWO POTS AND A LEMON hides a sketch of the work LES DEMOISELLES D'AVIGNON. 😮 If you turn the picture 90 degrees clockwise, you can see the legs and hips of a crouching woman on the lower right. X-rays prove that this figure once belonged to this multi-figure composition. Interesting side fact, right? 😄
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Pablo Picasso | Pots and Lemon | 1907 | © The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection
Yeah weekend is almost here! And you know, what that means... Right, it's #regramfriday again! 🙆
Wow, what a fantastic color match! ❤️💛 Perfect shot @tamm.i.e! The painting in the back was created by the artist Georg Baselitz. We have a few more of them in our exhibition WARHOL TO RICHTER | #AlbertinaContemporary. Just pass by if you wanna take such fantastic photos, too!
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