This might be one of Claude Monet's most famous artworks: GRAINSTACK IN THE SUNLIGHT 😍😯👉 Funny side fact: Wassily Kandinsky saw this work in an exhibition on French impressionism and greatly admired it. Despite his enthusiasm, however, Kandinsky had difficulty recognizing the motif—an effect that presaged Monet’s emancipation of colors and the advent of abstract painting. .
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Claude Monet | Grainstack in the Sunlight | 1891 | Kunsthaus Zürich, acquired from the Otto Meister Bequest, with a contribution from the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt © Kunsthaus Zürich
Welcome to the Audience Hall of the #AlbertinaStateRooms! 😍😯Seems quite appropriate for receiving a royal guest, doesn't it? If you stay in these rooms, you will inevitably be taken back to bygone times. Come by and let your imagination run wild! 👸🤴
📸 Thanks for that fantastic shot @oneguitarmore!
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Look into my eyes, baby! 😍👀Have you ever seen such huge blue eyes? Kees van Dongen must have been fascinated by this woman's eyes in order to paint them like this. Beautiful, right? Wanna look into her eyes, too? No problem, this work is currently on view at #MunchChagallPicasso. Don't miss it!
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Kees van Dongen | Woman with Blue Eyes | 1955 | © Bildrecht, Vienna 2018 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection
Fri-yay is #RegramFriday! 🙌❤️This pop art work from #TomWesselmann is one of your favorites. And this photo was ours this week! Fantastic @jana_wieland! We definitely call this a match.
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👉 Opening next week: Niko Pirosmani! ☝️😮(Sound on 😊🐷)
The Georgian artist was hardly known in Western Europe for a long time but was a hidden genius back in his times. In Eastern Europe, Russia and of course Georgia this artist has been highly appreciated already since many years. The #AlbertinaMuseum is the first European museum that dedicate him the retrospective he deserves curated by the director of the Fondation Vincent Van Gogh Arles Bice Curiger. 👉 Link in bio!
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Wow, this @studiobrigittekowanz artwork is absolutely stunning. 🤩👏😮 With it's mirror and this special effect of depth it invites us to take a selfie or create a video, doesn't it? 👱‍♀️🤳📽📷.
Brigitte Kowanz | Email 02.08.1984 03.08.1984 | 2017 | Albertina, Wien
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Our #SocialConference on Claude Monet took place yesterday. 📸🙆 So look out for the hashtag #AlbertinaMonet to get all the insider stories that director Klaus Albrecht Schröder told the bloggers yesterday about CLAUDE MONET and his work. 😍 .#AlbertinaMonet #ClaudeMonet #Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum
Wow, what a Monet Moment! 😍📸🌾.
We proudly present the winner of the third part of our #MyMonetMoment challenge. The atmosphere of this photo is just amazing, @serpopal! Congratulations, you deserve it! This and the other 12 winner photos will be presented on the #MyMonetMoment wall in the ALBERTINA museum from the 22 October. Come by! 🌸🌻❤️
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Happy Sunday, everyone! ☀️🙆What's your favorite place in Vienna? @michibuchinger loves to read next to the ALBERTINA looking at the Burggarten. If you wanna try it out, stop by! .
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Our director Klaus Albrecht Schröder himself explains the beginning of impressionism with Claude Monet's LE BOULEVARD DES CAPUCINES. 😯🌸 Have you seen #AlbertinaMonet already? It shows the development of Claude Monet until his very last abstract works..
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Claude Monet | The Boulevard des Capucines | 1873 | The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow © Photo Scala,
Florence 2017 @theartsmuseum
Last week was amazing! 😍 There were 14682 visitors at the ALBERTINA during the #ORFLongNightofMuseums and we have been declared a urban #WonderOfTheWorld. Cool, right? 📸Thanks for sharing that amazing photo with us @crystal_ribs! ☀ Happy #regramfriday, everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!.
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Tonight is the opening of HELEN LEVITT! 👏😯🙆The artist numbers among the foremost exponents of street photography. Levitt’s unsentimental pictorial language gives rise to a humorous and theatrical pageant situated beyond any moral or social documentary clichés. 👉 The opening starts at 6.30 pm. Admission free! We totally recommend it!
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Helen Levitt | New York | 1940 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. Permanent loan of the Austrian Ludwig Foundation for Art and Science © Film Documents LLC/Courtesy Thomas Zander Gallery, Cologne