We've been crazy about Claude Monet last week but there are a few more fantastic exhibitions you should not miss in the ALBERTINA. For example: WARHOL TO RICHTER | #AlbertinaContemporary! @pauthomasconh took an amazing shot in front of Tom Wesselmann's SMOKER #10! 👏📸😍❤.
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Here it is! The first #MyMonetMoment wall with many of your fantastic shots and of course the 13 winners. 🙌🤗😃.
Thanks so much for your contribution. If you wanna see your own photo there, there's a second chance. We gonna change this wall one more time in the middle of October. Post your own Monet Moment and tag #MyMonetMoment as well as #AlbertinaMonet. We're so much looking forward to your shots!
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Oh Monet! 💛💚💙.
We just can't get enough of those beautiful water lilies. And the dress of @victoria_livingexcited fits so perfectly! We wanna see more #dressedtomatch photos! Stop by, it's the first Monet weekend and we are open everyday from 9 am. .
👉 Tip: Buy your tickets online to avoid the line. 👉 Link in bio.
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Happy #regramfriday everyone! 🙌.
Perfect dress, perfect shot in front of our Monet selfie wall! Thanks @photopraline! 🙏
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👉 Welcome Monsieur Claude Monet and his first wife Madame Camille Monet to the ALBERTINA. 👨👩 👋Tonight we open our exhibition #AlbertinaMonet. The opening starts at 6.30 pm, the admission is free. ☝️By the way: Those are the only paintings in the exhibition that are not painted by Claude Monet. The artist is Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
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Tomorrow is the day! 🤗The big opening of CLAUDE MONET starts at 6.30 pm. Right on time our stairs shine in a new look. You definitely should stop by and take your own photo. Monet fits them so well! 💜💛🧡💙❤️
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Photo: @ulla_beepoint
Congratulations! 🎉 This amazing shot won the second part of our #MyMonetMoment challenge. Well done @vrenisviennadailyphoto! What a Monet Moment!.
In addition to that the jury chose another 12 winners last week and we gonna present them to you soon. 👉 But be aware: There's another chance to win. The challenge runs until 19 October. More information: Link in bio.
👉 #MonetToPicasso changed its name into #MunchChagallPicasso. Why? 🤔 Our Monets moved one floor lower into our huge exhibition #AlbertinaMonet. So don't forget to use the new hashtag. ☺️.
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Edvard Munch | Winter Landscape | 1915 | © Edvard Munch, @themunchmuseum /The Munch Ellingsen Group/Bildrecht, Vienna 2018 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection
Good morning from the ALBERTINA! ☀️😍 Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! If you wanna enjoy some arts and culture, just stop by! 🚶‍♀️🎨 .📸@mmmmm0613!
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Winter is coming... 😮❄️.
No, we're just joking. 😜 This is one of the amazing photos by ALFRED SEILAND, which are currently on view in the ALBERTINA. If you haven't seen this exhibition you should definitely stop by! Have a wonderful summery weekend, everyone! ☀️💛
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Alfred Seiland | Proleb, Austria | 1981 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna © Alfred Seiland
Happy #Friyay! 🙌😍Time to #repost one of your stunning shots! This photo was taken by @andrewkharook in our amazing exhibition WARHOL TO RICHTER | #AlbertinaContemporary. Works like this Rainer Wölzl never fail to cast a spell over you, right?
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#PabloPicasso's works are somehow magical, aren't they? 👀💫 This one is a very special piece, drawn with oil but kept in black and white. 🖤 The woman is Sylvette David, one of his numerous muses.. . . . .
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. . . . .
Pablo Picasso | Sylvette | 1954 | © Succession Picasso/Bildrecht, Vienna 2018 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection