The Albertina Museum Vienna


Karlsplatz 5, Vienna
Art in Austria,
1945 to 1980
Until 8 November 2020
📷 #RegramFriday brings us not only a fabulously staged picture by @danielturan (Thank you so much for sharing!) but also an announcement: ⁠
😷 From now on wearing a mask inside of museum is compulsory again. Please cover your mouth and nose with a mask or scarve when entering the ALBERTINA MUSEUM - thank you. ⁠
🤗 Let's protect each other and stay healthy!⁠
🎉Happy Birthday Andy Warhol 🎉⁠
The American artist and icon of Pop Art was born on this day in 1928. ⁠
😍 But today we are not only celebrating Andy but also this magnificent view and fashionable interpretation by @melanieprinz_ - thank you so much for taking this great picture and sharing it!⁠
🖼️ Andy Warhol's MERCEDES BENZ is only one of the numerous works, you can currently visit at our exhibition WARHOL TO RICHTER. His Mao-Tse-Tung series is on view as well as his Campbell Soup Cans and Electric Chairs masterpieces. See you there hopefully!⁠
🤗 And for those, who can't visit us currently, we have a hashtag suggestion: Follow #AlbertinaContemporary and discover the broad range of postmodern and contemporary art, our collection offers. ⁠
🌟This week we are opening a new exhibition!🌟⁠
NATURE & SYMBOL shows you four contemporary positions from our graphic collection. One of them is Kiki Smith.⁠
🏛️ The tapestry CATHEDRAL by Kiki Smith shows a dreamlike nature scene. With this the artist refers to the famous tapestry of Angers, the CYCLE OF THE APOCALYPSE, which dates from the 14th century and reproduces the visions from the Revelation of John. Kiki Smith's tapestries form a counter-design to these depictions of horror. She creates a cosmos in which living beings exist in intimacy and familiarity, and in which man also fits in symbiotically.⁠
💡 As a basis for these works, the artist has created collages in which a variety of materials such as crayon, ink and watercolor, glitter, printed material or cut Nepalese paper come together to create a heterogeneous landscape of textures.⁠
✏️ Kiki Smith often added smaller etchings and drawings. These designs were scanned, digitally combined and altered, then printed out in large format and reworked by the artist in her studio by hand.⁠
📍 With the final weaving into a single textile object, the artist underlines the spiritual connection between flora and fauna.⁠
Discover the large-format work from Thursday in the ALBERTINA!⁠
. . .⁠
Kiki Smith  Cathedral  2013  ALBERTINA, Wien © Kiki Smith
#RegramFriday brings us a wonderfully simple and elegant exhibition view! ❤️❤️❤️⁠
Thank you, dear @alisia_blgrmnn for sharing.⁠
Having a tough time? Well, this year is a tough one, no matter where you are. Let our Art be your escape: Enjoy an art talk between Michael Horowitz, the photographer who took this iconic picture of Yoko Ono & John Lennon, and our exhibition curator Anna Hanreich with the link in our bio. Dive in into Horowitz' world of photography and also Vienna during the 60s and 70s!⁠
. . .⁠
Michael Horowitz  Yoko Ono and John Lennon  1969  Property of the artist © Michael Horowitz
Hello Pablo, hello @lagiulss!⁠
Thank you sharing your wonderful double portrait 😍🙌❤️⁠
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It's the last weekend of our exhibition WILHELM LEIBL!⚡😥🖼️ ⁠
Visit the realist masterpieces of the German artist until tomorrow, Sunday, 6pm.⁠
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Wilhelm Leibl  The village politicians (detail)  1877  Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Stiftung Oskar Reinhart (c) SIK-ISEA, Zürich (Lutz Hartmann)
Happy #Friyay!🤩🎉🏛️⁠
We love this joyful shot by @destinationvienna, capturing powerful @syringania in front of the ALBERTINA MUSEUM. Thanx for sharing, dear Ursula and dear Babsi!
"Art is a line around your thoughts."⁠ Gustav Klimt⁠ Immerse yourself in Klimt's and your thoughts - his mysterious SILVER FISH await you at #MonetToPicasso 🎨🐠🖼⁠ ⁠ . . .⁠ Gustav Klimt  Silver fish (water nymphs, sirens) (detail)  around 1899 (c) Bank Austria (permanent loan at the ALBERTINA MUSEUM)
💐Start your week with flowers🌺
Let Marc Chagall inspire you to take it easy on today’s Monday.
👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿Visit our masterpiece at our exhibition #MonetToPicasso or enjoy our art virtually at our collections online database with the link in our bio.

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Marc Chagall  Sleeping Woman with Flowers  1972 | The ALBERTINA Museum, Vienna – The Batliner Collection © Bildrecht, Vienna, 2020
🎉Time for some weekend museum vibes!🖼️
Enjoy this fab view by @nico_m_photographie of the #ALBERTINAmodern - thanx for the wonderful picture, dear Nico!⁠
👉🏿👉🏽👉🏻Visit us at our second venue every day from 10am to 6pm - get your tickets online with the link in our bio.⁠
💚❤️💚 It's a flashy Wednesday – so let Jawlensky wake you up with his GIRL WITH A FLOWERED HAT, all covered with complementary colors ❤️💚❤️

☝🏻☝🏽☝🏿But what might look beautiful to our eyes today was considered to be ugly in the worst and revolutionary in the best case a hundred years ago.
🎨🖼️🖌️Creating a portrait mostly by placing red and orange tones next to flashy green paint and thus making use of the flamboyant complementary contrast was an extremely courageous step, Fauvist artists like Matisse and Expressionist artists like Alexej von Jawlensky took during the first years of 1900. While some artists had used such contrasts modestly before (Monet and the Impressionists as well as Neoimpressionist artists like Signac), no one had used it all its splendor like the Expressionists did.
💚❤️💚So red and green represent one complementary couple. But what are the others? Do you know or remember from your early years of school? Let us know in the comments!

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿Discover Jawlensky’s masterpiece as well as many more from that exciting period of Modern Art at #MonetToPicasso, our permanent collection. We are open daily from 10am to 6pm – see you there!

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. . .
Alexej von Jawlensky  Young Girl with a Flowered Hat  1910  © The ALBERTINA Museum, Vienna – The Batliner Collection