The Albertina Museum Vienna


Karlsplatz 5, Vienna
The Essl Collection
From 7 December 2020
Are there still some autumn flowers out there? Winter and Christmas are coming closer, so let's brighten our day a little with this fantastic artwork by #EmilNolde. ❤️🌻⁠
Emil Nolde  Garden with Autumn Flowers  1934 © The #AlbertinaMuseum, Vienna. The Batliner collection⁠
Due to Corona you can't visit our exhibition MY GENERATION at the moment, not even with masks. 😢 So we prepared a 3D-tour for you and probably even more interesting: A guided tour through the show. Join us via zoom. Link in bio!⁠
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Happy #RegramFriday everyone! 🎉⁠
 This amazing picture was taken by @k4ttou when you were still allowed to visit our exhibition. ❤️⁠
Honestly, we miss our visitors so much. It's way to quiet at the #AlbertinaMuseum at the moment.⁠
But we're trying to brighten your lockdown in the best way possible.  Take part in our online-tours through the exhibition MY GENERATION (link in bio) or watch our new IGTV programs. #closedbutactive
5 pm is #Yogatime with ! Join the session live on Instagram.
You need a little #meditation in the #lockdown? Join on Monday 23 and 30 November live on Instagram. Our inspirations are the artworks in the #AlbertinaStaterooms. #closedbutactive⁠
It's #RegramFriday, friends! 🥰⁠
Today we have this beautiful outdoor view by @mauchito for you. Visitors are not allowed during the #lockdown. Hope we'll see you soon. ⁠
#staysave everyone.⁠
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We made ourselves comfortable at home again. What about you? Do you have good company like Beckmann's woman? Cats always help when you're stuck at home, don't they? And of course, beautiful flowers and a good book as well. What are your tips to get through this #lockdown well? #MonetToPicasso⁠
#MaxBeckmann  Woman with Cat  1942 © #TheAlbertinaMuseum, Vienna. The Batliner collection
Strolling through the museum alone. 😔⁠
Do you wanna know more about what we're doing during the #lockdown? There are no visitors at the #AlbertinaMuseum at the moment but there are still some things going on!⁠
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Just another day at home. ☕⁠
Early on #EdouardVuillard developed a pronounced preference for decorative, atmospheric and color-dense representations of living rooms and bedrooms. So he might have done quite well during the #lockdown. 😉⁠
Edouard Vuillard  The blue room  Around 1916-17  ALBERTINA, Wien. The Batliner Collection⁠
We wish you a wonderful Saturday everyone. ♥️ ⁠
We hope this wonderful painting by Paul Signac can cheer up all the art lovers out there. We know it's hard with all the museum closed at the moment. But stay positive! We will be back soon 😘⁠
#PaulSignac  Venice, the Pink Cloud  1909 © The #AlbertinaMuseum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection⁠
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You're wondering what Dürer's Hare is doing during #lockdown2? Well similar things like you might do, for example cuddling with a cat. 😅🐰♥️🐱⁠
It's #regramfriday and we're looking for your posts with the hashtags #MissMyAlbertina and #AlbertinaAnywhere. Don't forget tagging us!⁠
Thanks @fatcatart for this amazing post.
Discover the exhibition MY GENERATION. THE COLLECTION JABLONKA virtually (link in bio) and be part of our discussion next Wednesday. We stream the VIENNA ART WEEK TALK with Albertina curator @elsylahner and collector Rafael Jablonka live on Instagram at 6.30 pm. To make it more interactive your questions will be answered directly during the talk.⁠