• House Rules

    General Information

    Mouth and nose protection: The wearing of mouth and nose protection is obligatory throughout the museum.

    Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the museum. It is also forbidden to take animals inside.

    Eating and drinking are permitted exclusively at the DO&CO Restaurant. In special cases and upon prior arrangement (children’s birthday celebrations, tours for preschool and primary school groups), packed snacks or lunches may be eaten at the Format Werk Art Studio.

    Please keep your distance from the artworks, and absolutely do not touch them.

    Talking on your mobile phone inside the museum is not permitted.

    Baby carriages are allowed everywhere. Baby change units are available in the toilets on Level 1.

    The maximum number of participants in a guided tour is 15 persons.

    At the moment all groups have to register: or 01 53483-540 (We are available on workdays from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.).


    In general, photography and filming for private purposes are permitted throughout the museum. Flash photography, tripods, and selfie sticks are not allowed. Special rules may apply to special exhibitions—please pay attention to any signs posted in the exhibition halls.

    For permission to take photos and record video material for journalistic, commercial, or scholarly purposes, please contact the ALBERTINA Museum’s Press Office.

    If you would like to use images of works owned by the ALBERTINA Museum commercially, please contact our Reproduction Department.


    We request that you check all backpacks, bags, and handbags larger than 28 x 35 cm as well as packages and umbrellas in the cloakroom (charges apply) or deposit them in the free cloakroom lockers on Level -1. Any small bags you do take in must without exception be hung over your shoulder and at your side. The ALBERTINA Museum reserves the right to require guests to deposit smaller bags, as well. In certain weather conditions, the museum may require that guests leave all bags and outdoor items in the cloakroom or the lockers in order to protect the artworks.

    Drawing at the ALBERTINA Museum

    As a rule, drawing with a pencil and a pad of paper (max. size: A4) in the exhibition halls is allowed as long as the museum is not too crowded. Not permitted are ink, paint, easels, chairs, and sitting or lying down on the floor to draw.


  • Wi-Fi

    During your visit, you’re welcome to use the ALBERTINA Museum’s free Wi-Fi. And please do take the opportunity to share your impressions and photos with @AlbertinaMuseum and #AlbertinaMuseum—we’re looking forward to your impressions!

  • Audio Guide

    Our audio guides, which are put together like informative and atmospheric radio dramas, help you get the most out of your individual visit to some of our exhibitions and the Habsburg State Rooms.
    These audio tours provide you with comprehensive information on exhibition content, artworks, and the artists and their times— and they interweave quotations, interviews, and background music to make your exhibition visit a truly special experience.

    German | English | Italian | Spanish | Czech | Russian | Chinese | Japanese | Ukrainian

  • Feedback

    Your feedback is important to us.

    What did you think was especially great about the ALBERTINA Museum? What could we do better? To leave suggestions and/or comments, please visit our Information Stand, write us at , or recommend the ALBERTINA Museum on Facebook or TripAdvisor. We look forward to reading your feedback!