Edvard Munch
In Dialogue

From 18 February 2022

The ALBERTINA Museum is devoting its main exhibition of early 2022 to Edvard Munch as well as artists who have been inspired by him. Edvard Munch. In Dialogue presents 60 masterpieces by Edvard Munch (1863–1944) together with works by 20th-century greats including Andy Warhol and Georg Baselitz as well as by contemporary artists such as Marlene Dumas, Peter Doig, Miriam Cahn and Tracey Emin.

Munch’s deeply pessimistic and melancholic worldview—of which human beings’ ultimate isolation is a hallmark—continues to define our understanding of his works. But his experiments with printing techniques and color, which helped shape the history of painting and are still reflected in contemporary artistic practices, have proved just as influential, as have iconic works such as The Scream and Madonna.

Munch and Beyond concentrates first and foremost on Munch’s later output and its relevance. And together with direct variations on individual works, such as in Andy Warhol’s After Munch series, the focus is also on artists who took up Munch’s expanded, experimental and modernist notion of painting or transformed his themes and motifs.

This presentation picks up on the ALBERTINA Museum’s record-breaking Munch exhibitions of 2003 and 2015 and is being supported by both the Munch Museet and the National Museum Of Art, Architecture, and Design (Oslo) as well as by numerous other international institutions and private collections.

On view from 18 February until 19 June 2022

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