German & Austrian drawings of the 19th century at the Albertina

The aim of this project is to draw up a historically critical documentation and scientifically sound overall catalogue of the museum’s holdings of drawings by German and Swiss artists born between 1780 and 1870.
Specialists and other interested visitors of the ALBERTINA Museum are thus offered an opportunity to acquaint themselves with heretofore unknown source materials on 19th century art.
The stock of material to be worked through comprises some 1,100 single sheets, 16 books of sketches and two albums with drawings that were glued in. Including the bound volumes, the number of drawings runs to about 2,770, by 280 artists.
The project represents a continuation of the already completed sighting and publication of German and Swiss drawings of the late 18th century being held by the ALBERTINA Museum. (Maren Gröning and Marie Luise Sternath, Die deutschen und Schweizer Zeichnungen des späten 18. Jahrhunderts (The German and Swiss Drawings of the Late 18th Century), Vienna-Cologne-Weimar, Böhlau Verlag, 1997).

The Fund for the Promotion of Scientific Research provided the financial foundation for the earlier project and equally funded substantial portions of the basic cataloguing activity for the follow-up project.