FAQ | ALBERTINA Programming via ZOOM

  • When will I receive the link to my online ALBERTINA programming?
    • For free programming, we send you the link automatically via e-mail right after successful registration.
    • In the case of private registrations for exclusive programming, we’ll send an e-mail containing the link at the same time we send your confirmation e-mail.
    • For programs for which we charge a fee, we’ll send the link to the E-mail address you’ve indicated within three business days of the registration deadline at the latest.
  • I’ve registered for an online program but haven’t yet received a link.

    We’ll send an e-mail containing the link to the address you’ve indicated once you’ve successfully completed your registration (see Question 1). Should this fail to happen, we request that you take the following steps:

    • Please check your spam folder.
    • Please check whether you entered your e-mail address correctly (i.e., without typos) and/or check which e-mail address you used for your registration.
    • Please check whether your payment has gone out.
    • If none of these steps helps (or if you discover you’ve made a mistake), please get in touch. You can reach us weekdays (excepting holidays) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • When should I click on the Zoom link that’s been provided in order to take part in my program?

    If you’ll be using Zoom for the first time, we recommend that you click on the Zoom link 20 minutes before your program is scheduled to begin. This will give you enough time to get through all of the necessary steps without feeling rushed.
    If you’re already familiar with Zoom, it’s sufficient to log in 5 minutes in advance.

  • Do I have to install Zoom?

    On a PC or laptop: no. If that’s what you’re using, all you need to do is point your browser to the provided link or enter your meeting ID at https://zoom.us/join. To Zoom on a phone or other mobile device, you’ll need to download and install the free app.

  • Will I incur hidden charges when I Zoom?

    Zoom is a free software package for online conferencing. If you’ve received a participation link, your Zoom session will cost you nothing. In order to avoid incurring charges from your mobile provider, check your device to make sure that the “mobile data” function is switched off and Wi-Fi is switched on.

  • How is my data used?

    Zoom is a US-based company. By registering for a Zoom session and/or requesting a Zoom session, you consent to Zoom’s handling of your data. If school students or children are to take part in Zoom sessions, the ALBERTINA requires that a parent or guardian consent to the participant’s registration or request.

  • What can I expect from an ALBERTINA Zoom tour?

    The ALBERTINA Museum’s guided tours via Zoom are based on 3D tours of the exhibitions. This means that our participants can see the exhibition halls as if they were present onsite. We can view artworks from a bit of a distance as well as right up close. Our art educators will steer your virtual gaze through the tour. At the same time, you’ll also be able to see the art educator who’s giving the tour live onscreen. And just like in an analog tour, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions—either via the chat function or by raising your hand to speak.

  • What netiquette should I observe for online programs?

    We love it when people participate actively in our online programming! In order to offer good sound quality, however, we do put all participants on mute when a program begins.
    If you’d like to say something or have a question, please enter this into the chat or raise your virtual hand. Once you do so, the art educator will either turn your mic on right away or react to everyone who’d like to ask something as part of a Q&A session at the end.

  • Does my camera have to be turned on?

    No, that’s not necessary. But it does make us happy to see the people we’re talking to—including you. This makes for a more communicative tour and livelier exchange.

  • An online program I’d like to take part in has no more space left. Can I put myself on a waiting list?

    It’s really great to see the huge level of interest out there, above all in our free programs. Because of this, we do request that you be considerate of others and only register if you really mean to take part. This will allow the greatest possible number of people to take advantage of our offerings. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to handle waiting lists.

  • I’ve arrived too late and can no longer log in. What now?

    Our programs begin punctually. We do frequently check the waiting area after we’ve begun—though you may need to be patient for a bit. We stop checking the waiting area for new participants 10 minutes into the program at the latest.

  • May I record online programs?

    No. In the interest of observing copyright and personal rights, recording video or audio from our Zoom programs is prohibited.

  • How good does my Wi-Fi need to be for me to participate smoothly?

    1.2 MBit/s (upload/download) for 720p HD video. To receive 1080p HD video, 1.8 MBit/s (upload/download) is required.

  • What are the conditions for a ticket refund of online events?

    A refund of your ticket is not possible.

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