Nursery & Preschool

Nursery and Preschool
For children ages 3 to 6


Tours for children are conceived in an age-appropriate and playful way, with all of the senses being addressed. In the practical workshops, kids can look forward to craft projects that go with their tours’ themes.

Feel welcome to pack a snack along. Our guides will advise you when the best time is to enjoy it at the museum.
Nursery and preschool group visits can be scheduled on weekdays starting at 8 a.m.; we begin every full and half-hour.

Groups of more than 15 children will be divided. These tours are also suitable for inclusive children’s groups. Please inform us of any special needs.
All themed tours can also be booked in English, Italian, or French.


90 or 120 minutes
(60-minute exhibition visit plus a 30- or 60-minute workshop at the Format Werk Studio)


Admission | free
2 educators per group (plus any further assistants in the case of inclusive groups) will be admitted for free.

Tour fee per child, participatory tour plus 30-minute workshop | EUR 6
Tour fee per child, participatory tour plus 60-minute workshop | EUR 7



For many children in this age group, this will be their first museum visit—and we’d like to make their experience an unforgettable one! In an entertaining way, we introduce the idea of the museum as such and lay down a foundation on which to view artworks: colors and shapes as well as various artistic techniques are the topics, here. At the studio, the kids reflect on their exhibition visit by painting their own “museum pictures,” with the 60-minute workshop giving them more time to refine what they paint.

The Four Elements
Lots of projects and experiments can be linked with this thematic area. We set out to investigate fire, water, earth, and air in an artistic context, here, addressing the elements’ various colors and manifestations through puzzles and games.
The 30- and 60-minute studio workshop variants provide the opportunity to create colorful depictions of the elements. Participants apply poster paint with brushes or stamps depending on their age.

The Four Seasons
Here, we discuss the four seasons’ differing characteristics, how they change the landscape, and their significance in everyday life. How do artists depict spring? How might one paint the summer’s searing heat? What all does autumn have to offer? And what colors does winter snow reveal?
In the 30-minute workshop at the studio, we draw pictures of the seasons using chalk. The 60-minute workshop has each participant create a three-dimensional “tree of the four seasons.”

Take your colors, get set, go!
Colors and shapes are the focus of this playful participatory tour.
In the 30-minute studio workshop, we create little color monsters. In the 60-minute workshop, these monsters learn how to sit and are provided with backpacks for their colorful adventures.

A Colorful Animal World
Artworks with animals take center stage, here: we encounter blue cows, red horses, and flying fish. Can we recognize these animals? And what stories do they have to tell? In the studio, we create pictures of imaginary animals using colorful construction paper—with the 60-minute workshop giving the kids more time to work on the details.

Off to the Museum – A Semester Project
This semester project encompasses 4 dates, all of them with the same team of art educators. We address a combination of themes chosen by you from the programs listed above. The participating children will soon move around the ALBERTINA Museum just as naturally as at home. They’ll find their way through the exhibitions independently, take joy in recognizing their favorite pictures, and be able to tell stories about them. They’ll find words with which to express their esteem, their feelings, and their newly acquired knowledge, and they’ll be proud of what they’ve learned! On the fourth date, parents will be invited to join in. Their kids will then assume the role of experts, guiding the grown-ups through the exhibition and telling them all about art! The first three visits to the ALBERTINA Museum should ideally take place within one semester. Each visit lasts a total of 90 minutes and includes a 30-minute workshop. Packed snacks may be consumed at the ALBERTINA Museum. The final presentation lasts 1 hour. All parents who attend the final presentation are admitted free of charge.

Semester project details at a glance


After arranging your date, please send the ALBERTINA Museum Art Education Department a list of the participants’ first names: download form for name list


Reservations by Phone, Information & Contact
ALBERTINA Museum Art Education Department
Weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at T: +43 1 534 83 540
or E:


In der Ausstellung Monet bis Chagall | Foto © Rainer Mirau
In der Ausstellung Monet bis Chagall | Foto © Rainer Mirau
Robert Delaunay | Air, Iron, Water. Study for a Mural, 1936/7  | © The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection
Robert Delaunay | Air, Iron, Water. Study for a Mural, 1936/7 | © The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection
In der Ausstellung Monet bis Picasso | Foto © Rainer Mirau
In der Ausstellung Monet bis Picasso | Foto © Rainer Mirau
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