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Guided Tours & Workshops for Young People Ages 14–19

Be it as an overview, as a thematic emphasis, or as final exam preparation: the Art Education department offers tours and workshops for upper grade level students to go with all exhibitions. Materials to touch are on hand to help explain artistic techniques and create a connection with our young participants’ own worlds. In the studio workshops, we put what we’ve seen and learned into practice. We paint, draw, build, or sketch depending on the theme and the chosen workshop duration.

All themed tours are also available in English, Italian, French, and Spanish; please indicate your choice of language on the inquiry form.


ROY LICHTENSTEIN. A Centennial Exhibition

This exhibition tour touches on the most important milestones of this pop artist’s life, analyzes his unmistakable style, and shows the technical variety to be found in his oeuvre. From paintings to sculptures and from prints to wall hangings, Roy Lichtenstein’s creativity was all-encompassing. This aspect of breadth receives thorough attention in our tour, which places it in an art-historical context and in relation to the present day.

The 30-minute workshop features the creation of graphic works that take after Lichtenstein’s late interiors. In the 60-minute studio session, the challenge is to subject omnipresent advertising campaigns to critical examination.

The works created at the studio can be taken along right after the workshop. Please bring along a bag (max. A3-format) in which to transport these works.


unites the most beautiful works of classical modernism. In age-appropriate and richly varied ways, we investigate that era’s most famous artists together with the participating students. These tours each last one hour and can be booked on their own or in combination with a 30- or 60-minute workshop.

Choose from the following themes:

Monet to Picasso
A compact overview of classical modernism’s most important aspects in one guided tour! This tour lasts one hour and can be combined with a workshop (30 or 60 minutes).

We retrace the transformation of portraiture that took place between impressionism and cubism.
In the 30-minute workshop, students produce self-portraits on hand mirrors. In the 60-minute workshop, they develop these self-portraits into cubist works.

Still Lifes
We use the exhibited still lifes to take a closer look at classical modernist trends. The 30-minute workshop has us arrange still lifes and draw them. In the 60-minute workshop, we realize our still lifes with paintbrushes and gouache.

The landscapes we view here reveal to us the essential features of impressionism, expressionism, and cubism. In the 30-minute workshop, participants use pastels to reproduce a landscape photograph in a style of their choice. In the 60-minute workshop, they do this using poster paint.

The focus in this tour variant is on the Batliner Collection’s three-dimensional objects. In the 30-minute workshop, student create an additive clay sculpture. In the 60-minute workshop, they do the same with clay or modeling compound and then add color.

Artists on the Run
This tour gives students an opportunity to engage with the topics of migration and displacement in light of the biographies and works of Chagall, Magritte, and Picasso. In the 30-minute studio workshop, our young participants face the challenge of having to set out on new creative paths as artists. What to do when one’s accustomed motifs are no longer accessible or when familiar working materials can’t be had? In the 60-minute workshop, we use the additional time to reflect on this as a group.

Writing Workshop
Inspiration from the collection’s masterpieces gives rise to free prose, poetry, or mini-dramas. We experiment with narrative perspectives and author our texts directly in the exhibition hall. This writing workshop lasts either 90 or 120 minutes.

Addressing Conflicts with Art
Conflicts are difficult—but also important in developing our own personalities and attitudes. Here, we analyze strategies of messaging and of perception. The 30-minute workshop sees us analyze group dynamics and practice esteeming interaction while creating an artwork as a group. The 60-minute workshop gives us additional time to practice and repeat.

Monet to Picasso - Online
Via Zoom, the art educator connects to your class at the agreed-upon time and brings the masterpieces of the exhibition Monet to Picasso to the classroom projector screen.

Duration: 50 min | Online Fee

EUR 80

In June, the rainbow flag can be seen flying all over town. What do its colors signify? We set out to discover examples of diversity in the Batliner Collection that reflect the diversity of society at large.
In the 30-minute workshop, the colors of the rainbow flag are transferred to Dürer’s Young Hare. In the 60-minute workshop, the participating kids transfer the shapes of their arms and hands to paper, cut them out, color them individually, and combine the results to create a colorful rainbow.


Admission | free

Tour contribution per participating class member:

60-minute program (Tour with workshop)


90-minute program (Extended viewing without workshop)


90-minute program (Tour plus 30-minute workshop)


120-minute program (Tour plus 60-minute workshop)


Prices include VAT. | Teachers and accompanying adults (max. 2 per class/group) visit the exhibition for free and bear responsibility for the participating minors while at the museum. | School classes with more than 15 students will be divided.

These guided tours are wheelchair-accessible, and we warmly welcome classes with and for students with disabilities.


Reservation Inquiries & Contact Information

ALBERTINA Art Education Department
Weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at T: +43 1 534 83 540
or E: 


Emil Nolde | Moonlit Night, 1914 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection © Nolde Stiftung Seebüll
Emil Nolde | Moonlit Night, 1914 | The Albertina Museum, Vienna. The Batliner Collection © Nolde Stiftung Seebüll
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