Workshops for Groups



Experience the appeal of thick handmade paper, rough charcoal, creamy gouache and powdery pastels. Following a tour
of the highlights of one of the Albertina exhibitions, it’s off to the studio, where creative challenges and artistic tasks await! But
don’t worry, you don’t need any previous experience – the joy of experimenting is the main priority. We share tips and tricks so all participants can achieve magnificent and satisfying results.

Package price | EUR 575

including studio hire, art materials, guided tour, workshop and entry

Inspiring tour followed by the workshop
Duration: 2 hours in total for adult groups (max. 10 people), can be booked during museum opening hours; available outside these times on request



WATERCOLOUR HARE: In this workshop, you’ll create a hare using watercolour techniques, based loosely on the famous example by Albrecht Dürer. The original from 1502 is one of the most renowned works in the ALBERTINA’s collection of drawings.

BLACK/WHITE: Inspired by famous pieces in the ALBERTINA’s collection of drawings, this workshop is devoted to the shading
technique of the Old Masters. Bruegel and Dürer are the role models here, who were able to conjure up three-dimensional objects from flat shapes on paper using drawing inks and quills.

READY TO PRINT: From one come many… During this workshop, the focus is on simple printing techniques. You’ll try your hand at two different processes that have always dominated artistic practise.

HANDS ON: During this workshop, you’ll learn more about the most famous expressionist works in the Batliner Collection. Expressive strokes and wild colour schemes bring impressive results to the canvas!

ANYTHING BUT QUIET: Taking inspiration from the still life exhibition “Monet to Picasso”, this workshop allows experimentation with pastels. Soft colour gradients and impressionist appeal distinguish the works.


ALBERTINA Art Education & Tourism
+43 1 534 83 541

Sitzender Hase in Aquarelltechnik nach Dürer
Aquarell & Hase | Foto © ALBERTINA Kunstvermittlung
Schwarz/Weiß | Foto © ALBERTINA Kunstvermittlung
Schwarz/Weiß | Foto © ALBERTINA Kunstvermittlung
Hands on | Foto © ALBERTINA Kunstvermittlung
Hands on | Foto © ALBERTINA Kunstvermittlung
Stillleben | Foto © ALBERTINA Kunstvermittlung
Stillleben | Foto © ALBERTINA Kunstvermittlung
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