Arnulf Rainer

Until 6 January 2015

His revisions developed in the 1950s made the artist Arnulf Rainer, born in 1929 in Baden near Vienna, known throughout the world. The ALBERTINA Museum honors the internationally renowned artist on the occasion of his 85th birthday with a comprehensive retrospective, in which important stations of his complex artistic development are presented through key works. Rainer's intensive search for new artistic paths, as well as his fascinating strategies and experimental processes make him one of the most influential living artists of the present.

The exhibition encompasses more than 120 works that have been made available by international museums and private lenders. The works range from Rainer’s early works with central forms, over-paintings, and crucifixes, through the self-depictions of the Face Farces and Body Poses and the reworkings into death masks and veiled pictures, up to the most recently created works.

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