Until 16 January 2010

The show entitled Picasso: Peace and Freedom was compiled in close cooperation with Tate Liverpool and investigates the treatment of the themes of war and peace in Picasso’s œuvre during the Cold War. Between 1944 and his death in 1973, Picasso was an active member of the Communist party. His works dating from that period reflect his profound political and social interest and seem to be the last uncharted terrain in the exploration of this artist. 

The exhibition ventures an in-depth scientific analysis of this period by incorporating various views of Picasso and his art from North America, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Russian Federation. The show is rounded off by contemporary political ephemera and contextual biographic materials, such as letters, archive papers, and period publications and newspapers. 

This exhibition has been organized by Tate Liverpool in cooperation with the Vienna Albertina. 

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